Oh wow, I still get 5 hits a day

Wonders of the internet. Something is always relevant to someone.

I think it’s time to maybe shut this blog down, and start up another. It’s been a year since I last posted, I think?

Change, we need. Thanks Obama!


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Screw this

Screw blogging.

Also: I love you, Lisa.

No, I’m not dead

I’m just lazy.

I should have written about GSC’s Moka when she arrived 2 weeks ago but I haven’t.

I should have written about this season’s new animes, but doing episode reviews really suck, especially the way I do it, with screen caps etc. I have to go back and fast forward through and entire episode multiple times to get the caps I want.

I should also write about my new SyncMaster 2494HS, but meh.

I WILL write about GACC, which is next week. Despite the H1N1 scare, me and the TFMers are still going. Live hard die young.

Lets hope I start updating again eh?

Bon Odori Shah Alam 2009

It was hot, crowded, and the air was hazy with the sand the crowd had whipped up. Somehow the grass were all dead and the top soil was loose.

I bought 112 ringgit of Asahi beer, and found out that many TFMer’s don’t drink. I drank 3 cans and still have one in the fridge. Sheesh, kids nowadays. At least this year I didn’t drink alone. Many a KANPAI with Quaz, Valho, Haruji, Aiko and Sq. Not so much with Kuzu, and not at all with Loon. Booo!

Looking back, its only been less than a year since TFM became such a tight knit group. Looking forward, well, here’s to many more o-bons together.

No group pic because the photogs took half an hour to setup the camera. By the time they were ready the RELA volunteers were chasing people out of the stadium. Bleh.

DaiCon day 2

Day 2 posts are up at Quazacolts. Still no pictures, but my walls of text are easy to digest. I swear!

Here’s the one pic I have for you guys: TFM and friends group shot, with the very lovely Ryukku/Annie (she’s the RM9 Al Azif). Thank you for sticking around while the boys played with their cameras!

TFM's kok shot

that, my friends, is the (by now) fabled Minorin bottle


The loot:


gotta love lolis in pantsu




Mio badge. love this circle’s work

More bla bla blas

The lowdown