Loli in my pocket

For half a year, I’ve been carrying around a loli in my pocket. I refer to non other that Miss Sanya V. Litvyak.


Lovely lil loli in my pocket

That is actually the home screen of my Samsung Omnia. On the left hand side is a lil thing Samsung calls the ‘widget’. Basically it lets you dock programs and drag them out onto the screen when you need a particular one. Very fun to play with initially, but in truth, a very cumbersome design. After all, a WinMo device is supposed to provided you with information on the go, and the home screen should reflect that.

My home screen… has Sanya.

I figured it was time to get something more functional. Over at the modaco forums, manilla2d and SPB Shell are probably the most popular front ends. m2d honestly sounds very intimidating to install, so I settled for SPB.

Here’s what my home screen looks like now.


Where’s my Sanya?!?!?!

Weather, messaging, one-touch setting to mute the phone, time and date, alarms, events, calendar, all clearly visible on the screen. Very very convenient!

The tabs at the bottom link to more functions. Click on button two and you get


buttons! must press buttons!

This is the screen that makes SPB mobile shell for me. I can turn on wifi, USB mode, the file explorer and other oft used programs with one touch, and access others with a really cool menu. No more navigating to settings -> USB just to turn it on. One touch!

Awesome functionality!

I’ve heard that Samsung is upgrading the widget program to provide more functionality, and allow for the ability to create customized widgets. I was initially hyped about that, but now, I doubt I’ll be going back to that silly widget thingy. SPB ftw!

Now if only I could integrate Sanya into SPB… Well here’s Sanya in all her sleepy headed glory for you.



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