Haruhi-chan and Mikuru-sheep

Well it seems Haruhi-chan broadcasted on youtube after all. Finally found the time (and the will, I must say) to watch it.

Kinda meh. Spoilers to follow.

Kyon tries to sleep, and this shows up:


Mikuru sheep!

Which then turns into this:


Haruhi tortures Mikuru sheep!

Of course, having suffered through the image of Haruhi in a dogsuit, Kyon wakes up in nightmare land.


nightmare land is surprisingly green

In his attempt to wake up, Kyon meets up with a bunch of weirdos.


what the shit is this? harvest moon?

They teach Kyon how to wake up, and we’re treated to recycled images of Haruhi-chan torturing Mikuru sheep. Kyon wakes up. The end.

Years of waiting for this shit.


Mikuru shit sheep!

Judging by the look on Kyon’s face, I don’t suppose he loves sheep. The farm boys from where I come from would kill to lay their hands on sheep like these.


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