Chrome Shelled Regios

Chrome Shelled Regios (CSR) is this season’s anime adaption of the shonen light novel of the same name.

And Felli sempai is its star.

Protagonist Leyfon first meets Felli kicking and hurling expletives at some drainage pipes.


haih-ya! take that!


lucky drain pipe

Soon after this, Leyfon joins up with the 17th squadron, and finds out that Felli is their ‘psychic’. She allows the entire team to communicate with sakura petal-like thingamajigs.Thus we get to see Felli sempai with petals swirling around her. Kawaii!

Felli sempai dislikes being called that. She much prefers Leyfon to drop the ‘sempai’ and just call her Felli. Thus, she threatens Leyfon with this:



A masterstroke if I may say so, Felli sempai. Now can I get a nickname too?

Episode 4 features Felli in a maid costume. First in pink:


lucky fridge

Later in black:


can you see a nendroid? I do

Later on, Felli sempai attempts to cook her way into Leyfon’s heart.




its ok Felli sempai. we love you to bits anyway

And that is a review of CSR up to episode 6! Huh? CSR is about fighting filth monsters? What on earth are you talking about?


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