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Got my books. Finally.


horrible photography I know. I hate taking pictures

Kinokuniya at KLCC had all the books except book 3, Memories of Ice, but they ordered it for me as well. They didn’t even need a deposite. Very good service.

Through personal experience, Kino is better than Borders and MPH. I’m not even going to mention Popular Bookstore. That’s just a glorified stationary shop.

  • Kino has an amazingly up to date site (this one is for Malaysia), Borders has none, and MPH‘s is out of date.
  • Kino’s selection is better than Borders and MPH.
  • Kino actually has the books it list as available.
  • Kino tells me my book order will arrive in 2-3 weeks. Borders told me it would take a minimum of 2 months. Never tried MPH.

I went browsing at the manga and Japanese books section as well. Saw the Strike Witches artbook and was extremely tempted to pick it up, but considering the other Strike Witches merchandise I have coming in (more on this when it arrives) has taken up my allocated budget for the month, I didn’t.

Also saw a Macross Frontier fanbook, a Gundam OO season 1 mechanics book, a Hyakko artbook, and Nanoha StrikerS artbook Volume 1 and 2, amongst other things.

Anyway, time to do some heavy reading.

Incidentally, MPH is ‘Methodist Publishing House’. I wonder how well their business would be if they used that as their official name.


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