Buses and trains

I’m sure every hot blooded male has met a girl he’d have liked to know on a bus or a train (provided you do use such forms of transportation).

I noticed this pretty girl at the bus stop, and couldn’t help sneaking a look or two at her. I think I got caught. Oh well, no big deal. The bus was late. Again, no big deal. I had my book. The world could have ended and I’d barely have noticed.

When the bus finally arrived, the people waiting for it had swelled into a crowd. This being Malaysia, no one queued. They all started pushing and shoving their way onboard. Not the girl. She didn’t even sneak onboard through the back door, even though she already had a valid ticket. At least not until I did so.

There we were, standing right at edge of the door. Thank god they didn’t crush us when they snapped shut.

She was right in front of me. I had my book out, but I was more drawn to the pale nape of her neck than I was to the seige of Pale. Strands of her hair brushed my arm. I ended up stowing away my book so I had more space to stand away from her.

I’m not sure how long the bus took to get to the stop. It being rush hour, I’m sure the jam made the trip longer than usual. To me, it was longer still.

When we did get to the train station, I made it a point to not look at her and walked straight to the ticketing counter. I got my ticket, and went to wait for the train. A minute later she was there, waiting on the same side of the tracks.

When the train arrived and all its doors opened, I found myself faced with a carriage that was packed. I ran for the next door, and ended up right next to her. Again. There we were, again next to each other besides the door, looking out. Scenery flashed by, and I tried to lose myself in it, but I was just too concious of her standing there.

She never got off until we reached the last stop. My stop. Our stop. Again we took the same flyover across the highway, and the same alley. We split up at the park, but by then there was only our housing estate. She stayed in the same housing estate that I did.

What a thing to have happen on my birthday.

I wonder if I’ll meet her again. Should I smile if I do? Will she scream? I hope she doesn’t think I’m a bloody stalker.


2 Responses to “Buses and trains”

  1. 1 YK February 21, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    happy birthday and she is married

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