Asu no Yoichi ep. 7

The beach episode! Breasts abound!


Ayame is telling you to watch episode 7!

Spoilers ahead!

Anyway, the gang heads to the beach, and the girls parade in bikinis while Yoichi wears a loincloth, gets beaten up protecting the girls from a bird, and drowns because after all, he grew up in the mountains. Ayame rues her lack of oppais, and Kagome refuses to take off her t-shirt.


I don’t think that’d work, Ibuki, but go ahead and try it on me

Add in some surfer-assassin dudes and a starfish (the starfish really made me LOL), and you have the funniest episode of any anime yet for this season.

Honestly, Asu no Yoichi cracks me up. The jokes are mostly ecchi and physical in nature, so people who seek intellectual fulfillment from anime may complain. But heck, those people wouldn’t be watching this show anyway. So yeah, if ecchi humor is your cup of tea, and you haven’t picked up this show yet, do it now!

Out of curiosity, I checked out the producers, AIC, and confirmed that they were the guys who produced Seto no Hanayome. I had already noticed similarities in the art, so no big surprise there. What surprised me was the fact that AIC also did Dual and El Hazard, some of my favourite animes back in the day. Makes me wonder why I’ve never paid attention to these guys.


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