Getting a dakimakura body

TFM members who get the urge to buy a dakimakura cover inevitably come across a snag: where in Malaysia can we find a dakimakura body? While many Malaysians have the habit of sleeping with a bolster, ours are typically cylindrical. A dakimakura body is flat, like a pillow, but much longer, so ‘hot-dog’ bolsters won’t fit. For many, this becomes an excuse to not do something stupid, but for the true idiots amongst us, here are a few ideas.

1. The simplest solution would be to ship a dakimakura body all the way from Japan. Web stores like Hobby Search and HLJ carry them, and will gladly ship it over here. This method however, will probably cost you the most. The bodies themselves aren’t cheap, and while they may be vacuum packed, they still weight quite a bit, so the postage will be quite expensive.

2. The second method would be to get a body pillow from local stores. ‘Body pillows’ are what the Americans call dakimakuras. The only shop that has anything near the 150cm x 50cm dimensions of most dakimakura covers is Robinsons, located in The Gardens, Midvalley. These go for around 300 ringgit, but the material is very good. Aussino also carries body pillows, but theirs are much too short. Other stores I’ve checked do not carry body pillows.

3. The third option would be to make a body yourself. There are plenty of guides on the internet, but basically you’ll be getting a sheet twice the width of your dakimakura cover (plus a few centimeters), folding it in half, and then sewing it into a sack of sorts. You can then stuff it with anything you like. Feathers, polyester pillow fill, apples (if your dakimakura cover is Horo, like Quaz’s)… take your pick. You don’t need to sew very well, just good enough to make simple stitches. Otherwise you can ask your mom or some auntie in your neighbourhood. Just be sure to have a plausible excuse on hand.

If you think all this is just too much effort for a dakimakura, think again. They aren’t just anime characters printed on cloth. They are Characters, and deliciously nice to hug when going to bed. Sanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


Quazacolt had in fact gotten a contact that will make you a dakimakura body for around RM50. You’ll have to go to his blog if you want to know more.


2 Responses to “Getting a dakimakura body”

  1. 1 Quazacolt March 2, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    thanks for the info and linkback, ill be sure to return the favor 😀

    uncle just dumped a bit of work onto me from the PTJ photoshoot though LOL
    but i dont think that should cause too much delays XD

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