When people have something to protect, they…


Episode 8 of Asu no Yoichi focuses on Washizu, the blond haired delinquent who has a serious crush on Ibuki-dono. While training at the dojo, Yoichi comments on how Wa-san has become mellow since joining them, and Ibuki helpfully adds that Wa-san doesn’t skip school anymore. This brings Wa-san to the realization that he has changed – he is no more the lone wolf delinquent who fights only for himself. Has he gotten weaker?


I have friends now *sparkle*

Later on, while travelling home from the dojo, Wa-san is set upon by a rival gang, who, due to an earlier misunderstanding, thinks Ayame is his girlfriend and has her as a hostage. With the threat of them doing some really ecchi things to Ayame hanging over his head, Wa-san lets himself get beaten up without fighting back. The gang leader comments on how Wa-san has gotten weak due to having friends to protect.


oh noes Ayame! fan-service time!

This is where our venerable hero steps in. Yoichi shows up and proceeds to tell us how Wa-san had gotten not weaker, but stronger. Wa-san realizes the truth of things, and Yoichi and Wa-san  kick gangster ass.


there you have it! right from the horse’s mouth!


why does this remind me of KoF?

Overall, a rather clichéd episode of Asu no Yoichi. The ‘having people to protect makes us stronger’ angle isn’t exactly new to anime and usually leaves me cringing, but this episode is saved by Ayame. First, Ayame shows us how to treat the person we have a crush on.


go kick ass Ayame!

And then later on, we get… I’ll let the screen caps do the talking.



Ayame may not have the bust size of Ibuki, but she’s really cute in her tsurupettan, tsundere way. Love her expression when Yoichi shows up to save her.


Ayame kawaii!!


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