The adventures of Felli Sempai Ep. 8

Ep. 8 introduces us to an old enemy of Layfon, from back when he was a Heaven’s Blade Receiver. Luckens so happens to be from Grendan as well, and seems to be quite powerful himself. Through the plottings of Karian Loss, Layfon meets him in one of the inter-team fights, where he does a kage bunshin.


Naruto oh yuck

Note the red head girl. She’s Shante, and she becomes an adversary of sorts for Felli sempai. Loli vs. Loli. Epic!

After winning the challenge, the 17th platoon parties, while Felli emo-es on the roof.


sigh, perfection in a small package

Later on, at work, Layfon and Nina have another one of their ‘talks’, this one involving what it means to win. Layfon says winning is meaningless. Before Nina can question him further, they get summoned by the city council. Apparently Regios is heading towards a ruined city, and the 5th (Luckens and Shante’s) and 17th platoon are tasked with checking it out.

The team suits up, and Oh my God Felli suits up as well.


oh mai gawd (too bad for LQ Ayako release. need HQ now!)

Felli sempai is deliciously evil.









When the 17th arrives at the ruined city, Nina realizes its the same city that beat Regios in an intercity match (showed in flashbacks in earlier episodes). I guess this is what Layfon means when he says winning is meaningless… the city won, but still got obliterated by filth monsters.

As they check out the city, a huge piece of filth monster shell nearly falls on Nina and Layfon. It would seem Luckens is trying to kill Layfon. He talks about Layfon’s past sins, and the episode ends. Guess the explanation will be next week. Sigh.

Oh and I forgot to mention some… was it flirting? between Felli and Layfon. Watch the episode if you want to know.


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