8th to 14th March

Urgh… where do I start? I’ve been busy, going in and out of the lab, chasing people for signatures etc. This and marathon-ing Zegapain took most of my free time.  Not much left to update the blog.

Lets see… this week’s Asu no Yoichi was laugh-out-loud funny. More misunderstanding between Ayame and Wa-chan, and more Ayame being tsundere. No villain of the week, but we do find out what the face under the fox mask looks like. It also seems his entire vendetta against Yoichi is because he likes Ibuki.


another love sick loser – just like me!

How many admirers can Ibuki have?

At least things ended well for Ayame. Out of the four sisters, Ayame has seen the most growth, and I’m not talking about bust size. Not surprising that she’s replacing Ibuki as my favorite.


ganbatte Ayame!

This week’s Re… I mean, The Adventures of Felli Sempai was decent. More of a background building episode as we find out more about what Layfon did to earn the anger of Luckens. There is action, but not from the 17th squad. Instead, we get to see one of the Heaven’s Blade Receivers kick ass.


Unless I misunderstood the subs, this guy is Layfon’s brother?

The unfortunate filth monster in question was the person Layfon replaced as a Heaven’s Blade. Wait… filth monster person? Well yeah, instead of your regular giant wasp, this week we get a filth monster that seems to have powers of possession. Ho hum.


by Jove, he’s uglier than I am!

We also get some service from Felli sempai.


Felli sempai needs a hand with that zipper

The episode ends with a nice sequence where Fon-fon and Felli sempai have a talk. Felli questions why Layfon kept things about this past a secret, and does a Felli kick and a Felli punch on our dear hero. She also accidentally lets slip the fact that she knows about Leerin. Whoops. Still, Layfon offers her a hand to help her up, and Felli blushes. So cute!


Felli needs a hand getting up

I wish they used my hands in this episode.

BTW, Zegapain is an OK series. The soundtrack alone makes the show worth watching, especially the opening and ending themes. Good stuff.


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