The adventures of Felli-sempai 10

LOL, Felli rides Layfon!


she wants you to do it, Layfon you idiot

Anyway, continuing from last week… what happened to the deranged monkey girl? Eh? Wasn’t she attacking Luckens? She hit her head and went out cold and then this week everything is rosy and she’s riding him and looking down on Felli-sempai (literally!). Where’s the rage!?!?!


it sure is. cleavage galore!

Anyway Felli gets jealous, and the next thing you know, she’s…


surprise buttsecks?


oh! a piggyback ride! imagine Felli on your shoulders, with her punches and kicks. no wonder Fonfon is worried

Surprisingly, Felli actually recieves a bit of retribution for all the tricks she’s been playing on poor Saru-chan (that’s monkey for you).


oh noes, Felli’s face!


I’d still hit that!

No (filth) monster of the week in this episode as well, but we get even more background info on Layfon, and a… golden ram. What?


we’re doing greek mythology now?

Golden ram aside, Saru-chan (I admit… I cannot remember her name) is the antagonist of the episode. She must really love Luckens or something, going on and on about how he doesn’t smile. In an effort to cheer Luckens up, she attacks Layfon, but Layfon being Layfon, she fails.

Her attack does result in an explosion, and injuries to Luckens and herself. Guess who saves the day?


fucking yaoi in my regios? do not want!

I guess this ends the ‘past sins’ arc for now. Next week, Karian Loss’s Great Spa Plot. Oh boy…


fappalicious next episode? do want


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  1. 1 laboo September 11, 2009 at 1:36 am

    please morse picture frome Episode 10 please
    i need it
    send it to my email or here

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