Dear God, when was the last update?

I had a busy week dealing with relatives from London (including my very beautiful cousin, Dionne. I hope that arm is better!), and then my mom was in town. After that, Streamyx started acting up and WordPress just refused to load. In the end I gave up on any updates.

So in the last fortnight, Asu no Yoichi has ended. I think they rushed the last 3 episodes of this show a bit too much. Abrupt scene changes, plot gaps etc really spoiled what would have been an amazing anime series. An extra episode dedicated to the final arc would have been perfect.

Regios had a really nice, Felli-centric, fan service episode. Felli-sempai’s foot should be reclassified as a weapon of mass destruction. We also get a hint of Felli’s jealousy in episode 12.


Layfon gets dragged away?


Felli kick!

By the way, if you don’t yet know, Ayako has released HQ versions of Regios. They look much much better than the LQ release that we’ve been getting.

The last bit of news from the past two weeks: I’ve completed my 1/72 VF-25 collection with Michel and Luca’s unit. Michel’s sniper rifle is pretty cool, but nothing compares to displaying Luca in flight on the SMS stand with three Ghost units as wingmen. Seriously cool.


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