K-On! 01

Well, we have a new season now, and K-On seems to be the show everyone’s watching. Its actually pretty good! (Unlike Lucky Star, KyoAni’s previous hit that everyone liked but I found unpalatable.) Four girls form a music club to play light music (軽音, literally light music). The musician in me is just plain curious as to how accurate the show is going to be. So far its shown promise with its J-j-j-j-j-j-j-j Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck joke.


dear KyoAni: you forgot Joe Satriani

At least this time around I get the jokes. I was scratching my head through out the 8 or so episodes of Lucky Star that I forced myself to watch. Seriously… Not farnieeeee. I don’t get the weird legs tho. Everyone is bandy legged and walk like they have a basket of eggs between their thighs.



Anyway, the next big war will be fought over which K-On girl is the cutest, hottest, bla bla bla… If you ask me, its Mio.


presenting, the K-On girls!


female, gothic bassist? do want!

Mio ah Mio… Sanya your place in my heart is under threat!


1 Response to “K-On! 01”

  1. 1 marez August 6, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    it is my favorite anime~!!!!

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