Shangri-La 01

You know, despite all of Gonzo’s troubles, I actually like most of their shows. They did gems like VanDread, LastEXILE and FMP!, and then there’s Strike Pantsu…

Shangri-La is gorgeously animated. Check out the forest:


lush forest mmm. lots of overhead shots of forest in this show

Our heroine is Kuniko, who wears a too-short skirt and fights with a boomerang that seems to grow and shrink regularly. I honestly do not know if its a feature or just animation inconsistency. She’s supposed to be the next leader for the Metal Age (the group in control of the forested Tokyo if I understand it correctly), but doesn’t want to be (yes, another one of those). Also referred to as ‘the sun’ by a certain Ryoko.


the sun. how she keeps her pantsu hidden is a mystery

And then there is ‘the moon’, some heterochromatic, Japanese royalty type loli. Heterochromatic and a loli? OMG win.


the moon. her name is Mikuni I think?

There’s also a military guy called Kusanagi. We’ll call him ‘the constipated’.


i need to shit but i have no bung

The three of them must be bound together or something, cos they all have this reverberating dagger thingy.

Anyway, first episode has the military attacking the Metal Age for some carbon related crime perpetrated  by some weird loli hacker. Cue fated meeting between Kuniko and Kusanagi.

Oh, and this:


that girl in the picture? that’s actually a dude with tits


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