K-On! 02

The K-On! girls look for a guitar for Yui! But first, we find out that:


bassist in goth who’s actually shy? why don’t they have real girls like that?

Yui manages to borrows 50,000¥ from her mom and, together with the others,  goes off to buy a guitar. 50,000¥ is around 500USD (RM1.8k). Over here that can actually get you a decent Epiphone Les Paul so barring any major problems, Yui should be home free for a beginner. However, upon arrival at the shopping district, all thoughts of selecting a musical instrument get thrown out of the window as the girls go into shopping mode.


they should have had Mio put that on. where’s the fan service KyoAni?

After a day of shopping and cakes (my God these girls eat a lot of cakes. Explains the fat thighs), they finally pay a visit to the guitar store. Yui comes across a double necked guitar and…



its Jimmy Page zomg

Mio rattles off a list of criteria for picking a good guitar (which sounds accurate enough), but Yui being Yui, picks one based on cuteness. Yes. Kawaii.


kawaii (-_- )ノ

What is it that is so kawaii?


a gibson les paul standard. kawaii. (- __-)”

OMG Yui, the Les Paul is, along with the Stratocaster, THE instrument that embodies rock music. Its a MAN’s instrument, a musician’s HEART and SOUL. You managed to reduce it to kawaii. I shed manly tears.

(This reminds me of the day I fell in love with the Les Paul. There I was with Counting Crow’s Recovering the Satellites in my hands, listening to Angels of the Silences. I flipped open the booklet and in it was a picture of this guy playing a Les Paul, the guitar snug against his body. I dumped the Strat that day.)

Unfortunately for Yui, Gibson Les Paul’s don’t come cheap. Ahem. They’re bloody expensive to tell the truth.


250,000¥ (2,500USD, RM9k)

So what do the girls do? They all get part time jobs to get money for Yui. This is a girl who just joined your club last week. Now you’re going to work and make 250,000¥ for her to buy a guitar. Japanese people must be really warm, fuzzy and friendly. Like Pikachu.

The girls end up doing something called ‘Traffic Examination’, where they have to count cars and pedestrians. Hilarity and more cake eating ensues.


dishwalla – counting blue cars. wat?

Anyway, the girls never make enough to get the guitar, but special circumstances result in Yui going home with the guitar regardless. How unfair can this world get? Beginner girl has a better guitar than I do.  Sigh. Back at home Yui fawns over the guitar more.




calling it cute? ok. staring at it for hours on end? fine. sleeping with it? now you’re creeping me out Yui

Guitar secured, we can now move on to learning how to play it! I think that is what next week’s episode will cover. It can’t be all about some boring exam right? Before we call it an episode, the girls give aspiring musicians more good advice:


that = the horrible *hiss crack pop* that gets amplified when you unplug the guitar, though honestly, I’ve never had an issue with it

BTW, if you watch the ending song sequence closely, you’ll actually notice the girls are…


…shoegazing? Are they shoegazing? zomg?


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  1. 1 Joe November 6, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    ^.^ Keytar sounds like an amazing band

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