Asura Cryin’ 01

Here I was, expecting a school yard romance comedy. Instead I find out its actually about mystical mechas ala Kannaduki no Miko.

Here’s your classic mecha anime first episode. Normalcy (or as close to normalcy as you can get with a ghost girl following our hero), until our protagonist recieves a box called the Asura Machina, that contains an Extractor.

Hooray for weird mecha terms!


my dog makes that pose when he wants a scratch

Once he recieves the item, he gets attacked and ends up summoning a mecha, and oh what a mecha it is… its black and shadowy. In fact, it seems to have been formed by shadows, or some black liquid. I’m led to believe that the Asura Machina is actually Kanako’s bag.


sample A


sample B

Notice the similarities? Same black slimy liquid thingy. Mmmm.

Anyway, the main reason I’m going to be watching this is Takatsuki Kanade, who is both a miko, and heterochromatic. OMG win?





OMG win!


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