New stuff

Picked up some stuff from LilKev today.

First up is GSC’s reissued Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. What can I say? I love KnK (as I write this Kalafina is playing in the background), so being able to get this figure so many years after its release gives a certain sense of satisfaction. Still, I am slightly miffed by Hobby Search putting Shiki in the bargain bin.


I used my reading lamp as a light source


light is yellow, but its better than my past photos

Being a reissue, Shiki’s level of detail pales in comparison to more recent figures, especially her hair. She is still very well done, from her blade, to the zippers on her jacket and right down to the strings on her combat boots. The jacket has a glossy finish that aims to emulate leather, but it isn’t all that successful. If anything, its a bit too shiny. Shiki is however, certainly one of GSC’s more dynamic figures, with her ‘poised to rush in for the kill’ pose.

All in all, a figure I’ve wanted for some time but couldn’t be bothered hunting down. Reissue solved that problem.


Shiki’s classic pose

The other purchase is Max Factory’s Gekisou Haruhi. Max fact. sure didn’t spare anything on this one. Even the box it comes in is a piece of art. Its red and given a metallic look – very eye catching. Folks who junk the boxes their figurines come in will want to keep this one.

Out of the box, Gekisou Haruhi looks amazing. This is one detailed figure: her ahoge and hair strands are sharp, her guitar is strung, and her socks are patterned with a repeating IXV design.


bad photography sample 7

Special note should be given to the guitar. Its amazing how far figurine technology has come in 4 years. My old Atelier Sai Bunny Haruhi came with a guitar that, for all purposes, looked like it belonged in Guitar Hero. It wasn’t strung, and felt light and flimsy. Gekisou Harui’s guitar comes fully strung, with metallic pickups, bridge and tuners, plus the strings where Haruhi’s fingers press down on the frets bend!


PVC figures are approaching garage kit quality


Haruhi’s expression is the usual borderline insane maniacal laugh

Now for the bad. Haruhi comes with a silver cross necklace, which is nicely done, but she also comes with another necklace that is painted on. If you look closely at the above picture, you can see tiny silver dots under the necklace. This painted on necklace looks slightly cheap when so much painstaking detail is found on the figure. The base is another disappointment. Its a plain oval disc, given a slightly metallic finish. I was expecting something similar to the old Max Fact. Haruhi bases, but oh well.

The other complain I have (which is nitpicking really), is about the knee socks. Its very possible to make the skin tone show slightly through the ‘fabric’ of the socks, and this would have added another level of realism to the figure. Instead, the socks are a solid color, so Haruhi seems to be wearing woolens.

Overall, the Gekisou Haruhi is one awesome figure, with details surpassing anything I own so far. Now I can’t wait for Gekisou Mikuru, and especially Yuki. Lets hope they both contain a similar level of detail.

On a side note, I finally fixed Rize’s broken peg. It required a bit of drilling, some metal wires, and 2 part epoxy putty, but the operation itself was fairly simple. I’m however not entirely sure it will hold. Will have to wait til it sets and mess around with it.


I drilled a hole into both the peg and the base, filled it with putty, and joined it with metal wire

What boggles the mind is that GSC allowed such a fail base to pass QC. Every one I know who owns Rize has a broken base.


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