Spring season leftovers

Another 3 shows that didn’t make it into the previous ‘wrap up’.

Guin Saga

This is based on a Japanese fantasy novel that spans, currently, 120+ books. Kinda scary, that number. The story itself is cliched to the hilt. Amnesiac hero, twin heirs to a destroyed kingdom (who come complete with violet hair and eyes).


Remus and Rinda Farseer (no relations with FitzChivalry)


Conan the bar… wait a minute, that’s not Conan!

Guin is laughably strong. He karate chops a man into the ground, all the way up to the neck, and then punches the guy’s head into the soil. The way he talks is horribly similar to Arnold. I’m gonna give this another episode before I decide if I drop it.

07 Ghost

This one was good, if slightly disturbing given the sheer amount of pretty boys in it. Then again its based on a shoujo manga so that is to be expected. The art is very good, and the plot seems promising. Love the spell effects, which consist of floating rune-filled rings.


very nice spell effects. um, well, if it were more visible it’d be nice

This one I’m watching, but if it even hints at yaoi I’m dropping it like a naked Aiko. Down the Mariana Trench.

Hanasakeru Seishounen

This one I picked up because m.e.e.w was subbing it. Unfortunately its just plain disappointing. The art is bad, the story slow, and the characters not likeable. Shoujo is fine if its like Itazura na Kiss or Honey & Clover, but the quality found in those 2 series just isn’t found here. 1 more episode (because its m.e.e.w) if I have the time but most likely dropping it.

With that, all that’s left for me to sample this season is Polyphonica S and Hatsukoi Limited. As it stands, I have way too many shows to watch this season. Sigh.


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