Hatsukoi Limited 01

I’ll be frank. I love Kawashita Mizuki’s works. Ichigo 100% is probably my favourite romance manga, one that I’ve read at least 5 times. It is also my opinion that Kawashita sensei draws the cutest girls in manga. With that in mind, I disclaim any sort of bias in what follows.

Hatsukoi Limited is THE romance anime of this season.

First things first. Hatsukoi covers a total of 8 girls and their first romances, hence the title, Hatsu (初, first) Koi (恋, love). The initial stories are stand alone pieces, with inter-related characters. This may put off some people who seek a grand unified storyline, but Hatsukoi’s story does converge in a final arc that ties things together. If you watch the 2nd episode later on and wonder ‘hey where’s the story going’, well, you’ve been forewarned. Now back to the first episode.

We’re introduced to 5 of the 8 girls, who are classmates in the 2nd year of middle school, making them 14 years old (the other 3 girls are classmates as well, and 16). The first episode focuses on Ayumi, who out of nowhere gets a confession from the local ‘gangster’, Zaitsu.





You can imagine Ayumi’s dilemma. How could she, a beautiful young girl, date such an unsavoury person? And if she turned him down, what would he do to her? Rip her apart? Her problems are exacerbated when she later on falls for Zaitsu’s younger brother.

Things only get worst for poor Ayumi. By the end of the episode she’d have had been kidnapped, and had her pantsu flashed as fan service for viewers multiple times. Such is the fate of cute girls in Kawashita sensei’s works.


pantsu flash!


more pantsu. what’s with the Japanese and stipped underwear?

The art in Hatsukoi is classic Kawashita. The girls are all amazingly cute, and the tushes are the best tushes you will find in manga/anime. The animation seems to be handled by the same people at JC Staff who did KimiKiss, so everything is clean and crisp. Kudos to the animators for staying very loyal to Kawashita sensei’s art.


Kawashita’s all about nice butts in too short skirts


omg cleavage…


…and some very tight pants

Final word? Considering the lack of pure romance anime out there this season, and the high quality of Hatsukoi’s first episode, I’d say this is a must watch for romance aficionados.


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