K-On! 03

After 3 episodes of K-On!, most viewers should be able to come to 2 conclusions:

  1. Mio is the star of the show, and KyoAni knows it. Lots of emphasis on how kawaii Mio is
  2. As a child, Yui was dropped on her head. Multiple times.

Remember last week when K-On! started off with Mio’s shyness being exposed (complete with head-explosion-mushroom-cloud)? This week sees more of the similar. Boy oh boy are we all loving Mio.


Mio being milked. no silly, not that way

The episode however was all about Yui and her exam. More precisely, Yui needing to pass her make-up test so as not to get barred from club activities.  Yui being barred from club would drop the keiongaku club members back down to 3, and the club would face dissolution, so the girls are suitably worried.

Hence them drowning their sorrow in dessert.


red bean thingy


pudding thingy


cheese cake?

Tsugumi said in episode 1 that people would drop desserts off at her house and that not eating them would be a waste. Makes you wonder what sort of business her family is in. You know they own a guitar store, and probably an eyebrow care specialist center…

I do understand Yui’s inability to study though. What she does (procrastinate, sitting in bed with her guitar going ‘zeng zeng zeng zeng’), I do too, so I sympathize. A week of antics goes by in a flash and finally on the day before the test proper, Yui, in full blown zetsubou mode, asks Mio for help. Since their club’s very existence depends on Yui passing (and because they’re such nice people, nice enough to work to buy a new friend a 250,000¥ guitar), they all head to Yui’s house for a group study session.

We get a proper introduction to Yui’s sister, Ui, who’s very mature for her age. I take this as more proof that Yui has brain damage. Either that or one of them is adopted.


Ui, who puts lolis to shame

While the girls do study, they also eat.


delicious cake


some sandwiches


and finally some dango. wat

With all the help, Yui passes the test. Now we can finally get down to the girls playing as a band, YES?

Now, here’s the scary thought. At the rate the girls are going through dessert, will we eventually see an episode titled 重音楽 (heavy music)?




2 Responses to “K-On! 03”

  1. 1 lainwir3d April 18, 2009 at 8:25 am

    “As a child, Yui was dropped on her head. Multiple times.”

    Haha that made me laugh so hard 😀

  2. 2 GomenRamen April 23, 2009 at 9:12 am

    “will we eventually see an episode titled 重音楽?”

    Now that you said it, I’m remembering that the sound of their songs, specially ‘Don’t say Lazy’, is pretty heavy for such kawaii girls. They’re into the Moe Metal style, after all, lol.

    But don’t worry. Japanese people don’t gain weight. Must be some genetical thing, specially in anime, where the percentage of fat girls is REALLY low.

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