The adventures of Felli sempai ep. 15

I haven’t done a Regios write up for some time now, but the awesomeness that is episode 15 requires one.

With the previous arc done, squad 17 heads off to training camp to prepare for their upcoming match against squad 1. Everyone agrees, including Felli, but not before she steals a look at Fon-fon and blushes. So cute!



At the training camp, the magazine Mifi writes for is revealed to be the sponsor of the trip, with the ultimate motive of getting a scoop on why Fon-fon left Grendan. Mei-shen and Naruki are of course there as well, which leaves Felli rather miffed. Poor Felli… so much competition.

As Mei-shen prepares lunch, Fon-fon offers to help. Felli comes across them in the kitchen and eavesdrop, only for Nina to stumble upon her. Nina promptly joins in.


eavesdropping psychokinesis user


+1 blond barbarian

As the girls debate on helping Fon-fon and Mei-shen prepare dinner, Sharnid wanders along and offers them a secret weapon.


that, dear readers, is a potato pealer


only one available – chaos ensues

Later at dinner, Nina remarks on how similar the food taste when compared to Fon-fon’s lunch bento. Whoops… Mei-shen over hears and is heartbroken that Fon-fon shared the lunch she lovingly prepared with someone else. Well, you can’t exactly blame Fon-fon, Nina… Mei-shen dropped those off anonymously (which begs the question: will you eat food left anonymously outside your door?)


poor Mei-shen. she’s very cute, 2nd favourite of mine in Regios

Cut to fan service Japanese bath scene:


its Felli! yay!


oh noes! the blond barbarian is here!


dilema: cannot defeat blond barbarian


no shame in fleeing a battle that cannot be won


win! evaded blond barbarian at the expense of being overcooked

Honestly Felli-sempai, you’re so amazing that your lackluster bust size is but a minor problem. Indeed, many of us prefer them your size! We love you Felli-sempai!

Meanwhile, Layfon recieves a letter from Mei-shen and heads out to meet her. When Mei-shen professes to want to know Fon-fon better, including his past, Fon-fon reveals the reason he was forced to leave Grendan in detail – the Heaven’s Blade Recievers are ‘monsters’, powerful beyond normal people, and to be feared. Hearing this, Mei-shen literally throws herself at Fon-fon, saying she’s not afraid of him. Awww Mei-shen, we love you too!


then again Felli, breast are wonderful things, like above. sorry Felli!

In the midst of this, the structure Fon-fon and Mei-shen is on collapses. Fon-fon manages to get away with Mei-shen, but not before suffering injuries himself. Felli finds them both via psychokinesis and tells Fon-fon help is on the way, before he collapses. Cue ending theme.



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  1. 1 LOL August 6, 2009 at 8:48 am

    I Wonder if there is season 2 of this anime

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