Medicom Rei and Asuka

When I was very young, I used to watch ‘anime’ on terrestrial TV – stuff like Robotech and Voltron that were Americanized. You couldn’t get original Japanese anime due to the lack of subs or dubs, but not knowing there was better, a generation of Malaysian kids grew up placated by these diluted versions.

In my first year in form 6, a friend introduced me to an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. I saw the entire series over the weekend, and when I finished it, I was in awe at all that could be done with animation (and very confused about the ending, but meh). I became a huge fan of the series, getting everything from Bandai’s plamo Evangelion kit to posters to my very first figure – Ayanami Rei in a plugsuit.


I have this as a huge scroll-type poster, still hanging on the wall in my room at my parents


my first ever plamo, which I got from Singapore. HS page here

Fast forward to the present. Modern figure technology has allowed for some very amazing figures of the Evangelion girls – Rei in particular is a popular subject. Even so, I’ve not a single Rei or Asuka in my collection. You could say I was waiting for something special. Well, that’s set to change now.

Strictly speaking, Medicom‘s RAH Rei and Asuka aren’t figures, they’re more like action figures. Rei is set for a September release and I’ve booked her. Asuka was announce a few days ago, and will be released in November.





You can get more pictures of them (Rei, Asuka) on Amiami.

It should be noted that these 2 aren’t Medicom’s first attempts at plugsuited Evangelion girls. They released both versions in 2006, and you can see them here (Rei, Asuka). Now not everyone will agree (*cough owners of the old versions cough*), but the 2.0s are vastly improved in almost every aspect. Better face sculpt, much better hair sculpt, and a one-piece plugsuit. No more ugly looking shoulder pads. The body itself is more proportionate as well. Its a good thing I never did fork out that crazy scalper price for both Rei and Asuka last year.

Can’t wait for November to come by. Its been almost 10 years, but I’ll finally have figures of Rei and Asuka. In the mean time, here’s 2 of my favourite Evangelion drawings to keep things going:



Also check out this Evangelion Prototype entry plug. Actually has 2 sets of LEDs – white for normal display and red for when you want to display it in ‘battery’ mode. TFM members suggest I buy this and cosplay as Eva unit 00, with the plug up my anus. Funny bunch of weirdos them.


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  1. 1 YK April 25, 2009 at 10:20 am

    wah. how much ah?

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