Star Trek

I was lucky enough to get invited by Quazacolt to the pre-screening of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot. The event lasted the day, with lunch, a trivia contest, and a treasure hunt. They were giving away Star Trek uniforms and I wanted one, but alas, I didn’t sign up for the treasure hunt (didn’t know about it actually) and wasn’t good enough at Trek trivia.

That disappointment was banished by the movie itself. It was awesome! Fans of the original Star Trek may be a bit miffed though. This isn’t your old Trek, this is ‘action Trek’, and the new Kirk isn’t William Shatner’s Kirk. In fact, the new Star Trek takes place in a completely different timeline (liberal usage of time travel paradoxes here).

The film does feature the crew members of the original Enterprise. You have Bones, Sulu, Scotty, and of course Kirk and Spock. Karl Urban’s Bones was pretty bad acting, but the other actors did a splendid job portraying their respective characters. The standout character however, has got to be Simon Pegg’s Scotty. His Scotty is a loveable bag of laughs, from his accent to his oft bemused expression.

This being ‘action trek’, you get your fair share of fighting, both personal and starship. The USS Enterprise taking on the giant Remulan ship is breath-taking! There’s also plenty of phaser action, as well as some ‘fencing’ from Sulu.

My one complain about the movie was the ending. It should have been much better – not to say it wasn’t good, but it left me unsatisfied. Then again, this isn’t Star Wars, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected things to get settled by a space fighter dogfight.


1 Response to “Star Trek”

  1. 1 Quazacolt May 6, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    nice write up, personally don’t think theres any spoilers contained here to spoil anyone off this AWESOME movie, which is a huge plus side 😀

    cant seem to get a write up drafted for this without spoiling it for others 😦

    ill link this up to my blog after the migration XD

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