K-On! 05

K-On! really should just be renamed Mio. Or Mio-on!


Mio’s self deluding chant and pose is a standard feature now

Back to the episode’s review. Due to Ritsu being Ritsu, the keiongaku was never registered as an official club.


oh don’t look so surprised

When the girls try to rectify this, they find out that they need an advisor. Immediately they target the school’s music teacher, Sawako. When they approach her, she turns them down due to her already advising the school’s woodwind club. Thankfully, Yui notices that Sawako is actually the punk guitarist from the earlier generation of keiongaku members. Using an old picture of Sawako, they (or rather, Ritsu) blackmail her into the adviser position.



Sawako turns out to have a split personality of sorts. While usually the gentle, lady-like idol teacher of Sakurabou, she turns into a veritable demon when given a guitar, exhibiting an impressive list of skills including speed picking and teeth picking.

With the bureaucratic ding-dongs out of the way, the girls prepare for the upcoming school festival. Unfortunately, they hit another snag immediately (such is life as an anime character –  snag after problem after shit-hits-the-fan). They have no lyrics for their song. Mio ends up writing one based on Mugi’s feelings for Sawako (oh yes, yuri!), but when the girls pick her to sing, she breaks down, calling the lyrics ’embarassing’.


Mio pose

In the end, Yui gets chosen as the singer, but due to her inability to sing while playing the guitar (what kind of idiot can’t sing when playing rhythm? If it was lead guitars I’d sympathize, but rhythm? Dropped on her head, I swear), she attends ‘special lessons’ with Sawa-chan. While the lessons work, Yui ends up training too much and loses her voice as a result. In the end, Mio gets picked as the singer anyway.

So yeah, lets just change the show’s name already.




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