K-On! 08

No reason to go back and talk about 06 and 07. Here’s 08.

Somehow it seems a year has passed. Ui makes it into Sakurabou. Yay for more moe imouto from now on.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00000

omedetou omedetou!

Meanwhile, Mio ends up in a different class from everyone else, and being shy, almost suffers a breakdown until Nodoka shows up. Teary eyed Mio? Check!

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00009

will otakus get bored of this? not likely!

With the new school year also comes club recruitment, as anyone who watches enough anime can tell you. For some reason or other, the girls end up cosplaying animals, handling out flyers. Really now, if they all dressed up as maids (or bunny girls, like a certain other KyoAni star) they’d be mobbed. Why hide their number one selling point (cute faces) behind mask?

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00003

Ritsu’s suggestion for the flyers

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00004

The next day finds the girls dressed as maids, receiving visitors in their club room. Only Ui and her friend shows up, though new girl Azusa does take a peak at them practicing. Obviously she’s not impressed, since the girls had switched to track suits. No no, I didn’t mean she’d be impressed if they were in maid costume.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00005

moe moe kyun!

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00010

well, they can seriously down snacks…

On the 2nd day, the girls hold a mini concert in the auditorium to attract members, playing songs such as ‘Light and Fluffy Time’, ‘Curry After Rice’, ‘My Love is a Stapler’ and ‘Pen and Ballpoint Pen’. Really odd titles. ‘My Love is a Stapler’ has an awesome riff though. Yui plays it well, but forgets to sing and panics, giving us more chance to hear Mio’s vocals as she steps in to the rescue.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00007

yay Mio!

I really hope Mio doesn’t swear off singing completely because of the pantsu exposure incident. Partly because I love Mio, but mostly because Yui’s vocals gives me AIDS.

For their efforts, the girls are rewarded with 1 new member. Not Ui, but Azusa!

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 08 [585E898F].mkv - 00008

another victim for Sawa-chan!

Poor Azusa. She’s going to be in for some hard times.


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