Max Fact.’s gekisous

Picked this up from Kev last night. This should complete the gekisou set, unless Max Factory pulls another quick one on us collectors.


Yuki is awesome! comes with a cable connecting the guitar to the effects


close up. probably my best figure related photo so far


back to the usual fail territory. tried to set up the cable in the most realistic way possible. tucked the cable under the guitar strap like how many guitarist do, so as not to pull it out while moving around

Yuki isn’t almost as elaborately detailed as Haruhi or Mikuru. The latter 2 wear frilly dresses and knee socks. Yuki’s clad a leather jacket, mini skirt, and high boots. I believe that’s why Max Fact. threw in the effects peddle and the cable – to make the pricing justifiable (she cost as much as the other 2).

What she lacks in detail however, she makes up in simplistic beauty. Out of the 3 gekisous, Yuki is by far my favourite. The mini skirt is bloody sexy, and the jacket screams ‘rock’. Her expression is downright cool. The cable and peddle adds another layer of realism to her, instead of Haruhi’s magical, wireless, plugless guitar.

BTW, here’s Mikuru:


Mikuru which I got a few weeks back. why did the camera focus on her boots? beats me


say cheese!

Mikuru sports a very frilly, very revealing dress that displays her ample bosom to the world marvelously, including her star shaped mole. In what seems to be a case of wardrobe malfunction (or bad fashion sense?), she also wears 1 knee sock that has the same design as Haruhi’s. Her tambourine is very detailed, which I guess is Max Fact. spending the money not used to make guitar strings. Facial expression is… happy? They should have made her distressed, since that’s how most people remember her.

Overall, the gekisou series is your usual Max Fact. offering. Clean, sharp casting, awesome paint job, and a price tag to match. I do however hope these are the last Haruhi figures we’ll see from MF (besides adult Mikuru, which I’m NOT getting). Max Watanabe san, you’ve milked Haruhi dry, can you please make some K-On! figures now?

p.s. why no group shot? I took one, it turned out really aweful, and I shift deleted the monstosity. Believe me, I’m doing you a favor.


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