Cool devices

Sankaku regulars would have heard of the Evangelion phone and the concept Eden of the East phones.

eva phone

Evangelion phone by NTTDoCoMo

eote phone

Eden of the East concept phone by NEC

With the recent release of SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 and its customizable lifestyle homescreen (wallpaper, widgets etc), I was hoping to customize the look of my Omnia into something cool. I managed to get a NERV wallpaper, but attempts to find a Evagelion like clock and battery indicator apps failed miserably. Now if I were on the iPhone… they have this from Appliya.

eva clock

more proof that the iPhone’s a toy

SPB Shell 3.0 is a very new program, so more widgets will probably get released in the coming months, but considering how specific the look of the clock and battery I want is, I’ll probably have to learn XML to get what I want.


3 Responses to “Cool devices”

  1. 3 sukebe September 17, 2009 at 6:50 am

    not blocked if made with docomo.

    keitai can to be use out of japan with hypersim, I have a keitai and I live in France. ^_^

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