K-On! 10

We finally hit double digits! To celebrate, the K-On bou girls decide to take us to the beach for some fan service. Cheer cheer!

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00001

but we have nothing to show off! Mio always steals the show!

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00002

you think you have it bad? what about me?

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00003

its ok, your moe factor alone ensures that you have more fans and screen time then the others despite being the newest member

Yep, its band practice at Mugi’s villa, the beach, and a lot of fan service again, only this time we have Azu-nyan along. Least you think the girls are cheap, they all get new bikinis. Here’s a shot of Mio and Azu-nyan, with Mugi’s butt for good measure.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00009

hot if you’re normal, hot if you like lolis, and hot if you’re into eyebrows

There’s plenty of reference to episode 04 – barnacles, stranded on an uninhibited island, fireworks… Ritsu also suggests a ‘test of courage’ (its a Japanese tradition, at least in anime), with predictable results regarding Mio.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00008

BARNACLES! I think we actually didn’t have Mio doing ‘the scream’ in episode 09, so…

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00006

KyoAni (over)compensates

What else? We have some awesome product placement:

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00005

that’s all fine and dandy, except…

Korg clip tuner

its actually Korg…

Kinda like the Fender Les Paul boo boo that got fixed in the widescreen edition? Still, expect the Korg to fly off the shelf despite sudden inflated prices. After all, resistance is futile.

And then there’s a moment of sheer ludicrous idioticy from Yui and Ritsu that most people will miss.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00010

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00011

is this where TFM members get their whole roll here roll there thing?

Followed by a moment of sheer ludicrous idioticy from the broadcaster that most people won’t miss.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00007

the infamous magical fog

I mean, what the shit? Look closely and you’ll see that Azu-nyan’s arms are held tight to her chest. Besides, its KyoAni, who don’t even show us pantsu. The scene’s probably safer than an episode of the Teletubbies (one of them is gay!). Did they have to fog up the scene? Whatever, DVD edition inc.

Oh, and what on earth is this?

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 10 [A159E969].mkv - 00000

how do 4chan-ners say it? 3D pig do not want?


2 Responses to “K-On! 10”

  1. 1 npal June 6, 2009 at 4:46 am

    LOL, true, I didn’t notice that 😛 I was too absorbed in Mugi moe to notice 😛 She WAS closer though 😛

    SERIOUSLY DO NOT WANT! Bring my pretty Yui cosplayer back! Wherever she is! If she is!

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