Princess Waltz erogay

I don’t usually play eroges. I can’t read Japanese, so what’s the point? Yes, some eroges get translated, but still, sitting in my chair clicking through a gazillion lines of dialogue isn’t my idea of fun. Type-moon games are the notable exceptions, but how many eroges have that level of story?

Well, it so happened that I ran out of things to download a couple of weekends ago. There was Princess Waltz’s advert, telling me to ‘download it now’, so I figured what the heck and did as I was told. Once downloaded and installed, I booted up the game and got ready for some virtual sex.

Except, when it got to the sex part, I clicked as hard and as fast as I could to get pass it. Why? Here’s why:


its a man!

Meet Chris Northfield, the main heroine of Princess Waltz, the woman you fall in love with, and ultimately sleep with. Unfortunately, Chris really really wants to be a prince. Half of the time she’s whining and bitching about being born a girl, and the other half of the time she’s emo-ing about not wanting to love you because, well, she’s a guy. In fact, she spends the majority of the game dressed as a guy, acting like a guy, and talking like a guy, except with PMS.

Worst yet, she sounds like Naruto.

Later on (after you sleep with her) you find out she’s your half sister. So add incest to the list of yucks.

The sex scenes are god-awful. I wouldn’t even call what Chris has as ‘breast’. They looked more like man-tits. Oh and when she gives the main character head, wow, was that hard to swallow seeing a ‘man’ sucking another man’s dick. Note that I used the plural of scene – you have to sit through the horror twice.

There’s better stuff towards the end. You get another sex scene with one girl of your chosing (though you remind said girl that Chris is the most important girl to you. What kind of moron tells a girl he’s about to sleep with that she’s second choice?). And then there’s the game’s card battle system. Yes, card battle. The developers want you to work for that sex scene.

By the way, there are some scenes that are blatant rip off of scenes from Fate/Stay Night. Half of the time I half expected someone to shout ‘EXCALIBUR!’.

I did finish the game, but I attribute that to sheer boredom. If you came here looking for a review, here’s the verdict: don’t bother.


4 Responses to “Princess Waltz erogay”

  1. 1 yungkhang June 11, 2009 at 1:37 am

    You do really need to work hard to get to the sex scenes (or static pictures) but I wasn’t dumb so I searched for cheats and it saved me hours just by unlocking all the screencaps that you will ever need. Play it once, you play’em all.

    • 2 jcdish June 11, 2009 at 9:55 pm

      Wait wait… you played this? I’m surprised.

    • 3 Anonymous September 2, 2013 at 9:45 am

      Sawai Haruka sounds like Naruto? Actually, I don’t know what else she has done which is a shame since I really enjoyed her voice acting for Chris.

      Well I wont bitch about how everything you complained about was what was good about this game (voice acting was terrific, Chris being manry was awesome and the fact that she was your sister was just the icing on the cake) But well… just one small thing…

      Chris never gives you head. You just have vaginal sex with her.

  2. 4 yungkhang June 11, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    not this but some other titles ages ago.

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