K-On! 11

Better late than never.

This years school festival is just around the corner, and of course the K-On girls are all excited about performing. However, it wouldn’t be K-On! if the girls don’t face a few obstacles along the way. And so…

1. Ritsu and the forms

Ritsu is a bit like me. She tends to ignore bureaucracy and does things at her own pace. The thing is, this world is ran by bureaucrats and people like her and I have no choice but to bow down to their overbearing power.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00000


2. Deciding on a name for the band

Well what do you know, the K-On girls actually don’t have a name for their band. With people like Yui around, even a simple matter like this becomes a crisis.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00001

how about ‘Mio, Ritsu, Mugi and the Idiot’?

3. Yui

Yes, Yui is a crisis. More like a disaster actually. The following exchange brought tears to my eyes.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00004

them = the strings

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00005

oh snap

So the girls pay a visit to the guitar store to service Yui’s Gitah (oh yes, she fucking named it). Having the store worker call it a vintage after a year of usage says a lot about the abuse that poor Gitah has been through. After the servicing, Yui causes further disturbances in the force when she realizes you have to pay for services rendered and that she doesn’t have enough money.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00016

yes, stupidhead, you do

Of course, times like these you abuse your relationship with other, richer friends who happen to own the guitar store.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00007

Mugi to the rescue!

Incidentally, Mio goes completely gaga over the left handed bass guitars on display, which leads to Azu-nyan making the following observation.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00008

no shit. I hope you’re not talking about Jimmy Hendrix

Can a bass guitar actually be strung and played in reverse? Now I’m curious. But I digress. Back to the crises (crisises? crisiss?)

4. Ritsu being jealous of Nodoka

Since Mio and Nodoka are in the same class while everybody else is in another, its only natural that the two grow quite close. This causes Ritsu to get jealous, and she barges in during lunch and drags Mio off to practice.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00010

Ritsu, wanting to practice? hah

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00009

Ritsu being mean to Mio. hang her! hang her now!

5. Ritsu falling sick

Yes, even idiots catch colds. Hmm, but Ritsu actually has a fever. Meh. At least this solves the jealousy issue.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00011

friends are awesome. wish I had some

Of course, Mio isn’t the only one who pays a visit. The rest of the K-On girls do too, but it is Yui who gets the most intimate with Ritsu.

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00012

because she’s Yui, Mio

6. Ritsu and the forms

Wait, wasn’t this the first crisis?

[CoalGuys] K-ON! - 11 [15F9BB4C].mkv - 00013typical


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