DaiCon first day

Very tired. Went early, woke up earlier because its a 40 minute drive there, and after getting home at 9pm I worked on day 1’s writeup, which you can view over at Quaz’s. I’ve also transcribed Minorin’s Q&A session as best as I could, and its here. These post will be devoid of photos til later, when Quaz gets back from the Den of Evil (Aiko’s house lar).

What else? I bought two shirts at KKnM – Strike Witches 501st Joint Fighter Wing shirt and Hinagiku Girls be Beautiful shirt. Awesome! Am wearing the Strike Witches now still (wore it at DaiCon. It may smell, but shit smells and it got Jamal Amitabh Bachchan’s signature, so…).

Anyway I’m gonna go sleep. Day 2 starts in 8 hours, and like I said its a fucking 40 minute drive there. See you guys tomorrow!


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