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Bon Odori Shah Alam 2009

It was hot, crowded, and the air was hazy with the sand the crowd had whipped up. Somehow the grass were all dead and the top soil was loose.

I bought 112 ringgit of Asahi beer, and found out that many TFMer’s don’t drink. I drank 3 cans and still have one in the fridge. Sheesh, kids nowadays. At least this year I didn’t drink alone. Many a KANPAI with Quaz, Valho, Haruji, Aiko and Sq. Not so much with Kuzu, and not at all with Loon. Booo!

Looking back, its only been less than a year since TFM became such a tight knit group. Looking forward, well, here’s to many more o-bons together.

No group pic because the photogs took half an hour to setup the camera. By the time they were ready the RELA volunteers were chasing people out of the stadium. Bleh.


DaiCon day 2

Day 2 posts are up at Quazacolts. Still no pictures, but my walls of text are easy to digest. I swear!

Here’s the one pic I have for you guys: TFM and friends group shot, with the very lovely Ryukku/Annie (she’s the RM9 Al Azif). Thank you for sticking around while the boys played with their cameras!

TFM's kok shot

that, my friends, is the (by now) fabled Minorin bottle


The loot:


gotta love lolis in pantsu




Mio badge. love this circle’s work

DaiCon first day

Very tired. Went early, woke up earlier because its a 40 minute drive there, and after getting home at 9pm I worked on day 1’s writeup, which you can view over at Quaz’s. I’ve also transcribed Minorin’s Q&A session as best as I could, and its here. These post will be devoid of photos til later, when Quaz gets back from the Den of Evil (Aiko’s house lar).

What else? I bought two shirts at KKnM – Strike Witches 501st Joint Fighter Wing shirt and Hinagiku Girls be Beautiful shirt. Awesome! Am wearing the Strike Witches now still (wore it at DaiCon. It may smell, but shit smells and it got Jamal Amitabh Bachchan’s signature, so…).

Anyway I’m gonna go sleep. Day 2 starts in 8 hours, and like I said its a fucking 40 minute drive there. See you guys tomorrow!

DaiCon is tomorrow!

While most TFMers went today to set up the booth, I couldn’t get away from work, so I’ve yet to see the hall. I’ll be there tomorrow and on Sunday, guarding the chicken coop. If you see a guy reading a book at the TFM area do say hi.

I may also be live blogging at the event, if I can borrow a laptop and there is wifi. Blogging on my Omnia isn’t something I want to try.

Minorin@DaiCon updates

DaiCon’s news page has been updated with some news regarding Minorin’s appearance. Of note is the fact that there are 2 types of tickets you can buy.

AWSM tix, priced at RM250, entitles you to special seats at Minorin’s Q&A, concert, and ONE autograph pass.

ELITE tix, priced at RM150, entitles you to slightly less special seats, and no autograph session. Unless you get lucky lar, with a lucky-draw.

Tickets are going on sale over a 3 day period at OneUtama, from the 1st til 3rd of May. That’s this weekend. As this is called the ‘early bird’ ticket sales, I’m fairly certain you can get them at a later time. The availability of tickets however has not been disclosed. Going by AFA’s example, AWSM tickets ought to be limited. As it stands, out-station attendees might lose out.

Now some personal thoughts. 250 ringgit is quite a lot of money, especially considering most convention goers in Malaysia are teenagers or in their early 20s, and not employed. Some people I know have been bitten hard at AFA (the infamous white board incident), so I’m going to be cautious here. What will the extra 100 ringgit entitle AWSM ticket holders to? Personal items autographed? White board? Signed on the spot or not? Hopefully DaiCon organizers can clarify this by the weekend. Whatever it is, I have a movie outing that day at OneUtama, so I may be able to get some more information.

On another note, I’ll be guest blogging at Quazacolt’s as his blog has DaiCon affiliation privileges (My dinky blog doesn’t /sadface). DaiCon news and special write ups (a history of TFM is planned, but I’m known to procrastinate) will be posted there, but otherwise です will keep on chugging, bringing you inane articles about Japanese Modern Visual Culture (God I’ve wanted to use this phrase for so long!).




presenting です’s first ever 3D girl

More here.

Maybe I should offer my services to Kurogane/DaiCon as a blogger. Do affiliates get a chance to get closer to Minorin? Yes its borderline stalker behavior I know. God, I want her to sign the bases of my Nagato Yuki figures.



Chihara Minorin is best known for her role as Nagato Yuki in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and has done prominent seiyuu roles in Tenjou Tenge, Minami-ke, Ga-Rei Zero and Lucky Star amongst others. She is also a pretty well known singer as well (and she plays the guitar!). I’ve seen her in Animelo for the past few years (I think she’s been to every single one of them?). You can check out her blog and puzzle through the Kanji if you’re so inclined.

According to the video recorded for DaiCon, Minorin will be giving a live performance as well as signing autographs, so guys, don’t miss this!

More bla bla blas

The lowdown