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Whoops I did it again…

neglected my blog, got lost in my work, ooo baby baby…

But enough of that. K-On! ended and I’ll be posting my review of the final few episodes soon. Basquash! 13 aired which was easily one of the best episodes this season, so I’ll post some thoughts on that as well.

Maybe a post season look at most of the animes I watched, if I have the heart to do so.

A big FINALLY for Medicom’s Shikinami Asuka Langley, which is now available for preorder. After 2 months of checking daily for preorders, sheesh. The things I do for love.

Finally, DAICON is this month (in a fortnight’s time actually), and I’ll be there with the TFM people.


More Sanya

Moeyo has a preview sample! Click here.

Interchangeable propellers like Alter’s Miyafuji. No big surprise there. The Striker Unit doesn’t look half as good as the one on Alter’s Miyafuji – maybe due to the lack of panel lining? Sanya’s unit is black so I guess there’s not much Kotobukiya can do about it. I wish the propellers looked liked the ones on Miyafuji though, and not so plasticky.

Surprisingly, the rest of the figure is quite an accurate depection of Sanya. All the decals are there, including the star on Sanya’s tie. Her lil brown pouch is also present. Whatelse? The Fliegerhummer is suitably massive. And of course there’s that camel toe, that Moeyo terms ‘a dynamic V-shaped opening’.


Too bad the face is still disappointing. Ah well, can’t win them all.

Kotobukiya’s Sanya V. Litvyak is open for preorder!

1/8 scale, 215cm tall with the base (she floats), 185cm without. September release. Pic spam inc.

sanya 1

sanya 2

sanya 3

sanya 4

sanya 5

sanya 6

sanya 7

sanya 8

Random comments: The face isn’t 100% Sanya. Very prominent camel toe. Propellers look kinda plasticky.

The camel toe made me wince. I’m the guy with Blanc and Noir, Orchid Seed’s Al Azif and Another Blood, Chu Chu and Pixie in my collection, and I winced. Color it flesh and pink and Sanya would be an ero-ero figure to beat all the other ero figures I have.

In the end this looks to be a very normal figure, but hey its Sanya. The day they announced this was the day they took my money.

Max Fact.’s gekisous

Picked this up from Kev last night. This should complete the gekisou set, unless Max Factory pulls another quick one on us collectors.


Yuki is awesome! comes with a cable connecting the guitar to the effects


close up. probably my best figure related photo so far


back to the usual fail territory. tried to set up the cable in the most realistic way possible. tucked the cable under the guitar strap like how many guitarist do, so as not to pull it out while moving around

Yuki isn’t almost as elaborately detailed as Haruhi or Mikuru. The latter 2 wear frilly dresses and knee socks. Yuki’s clad a leather jacket, mini skirt, and high boots. I believe that’s why Max Fact. threw in the effects peddle and the cable – to make the pricing justifiable (she cost as much as the other 2).

What she lacks in detail however, she makes up in simplistic beauty. Out of the 3 gekisous, Yuki is by far my favourite. The mini skirt is bloody sexy, and the jacket screams ‘rock’. Her expression is downright cool. The cable and peddle adds another layer of realism to her, instead of Haruhi’s magical, wireless, plugless guitar.

BTW, here’s Mikuru:


Mikuru which I got a few weeks back. why did the camera focus on her boots? beats me


say cheese!

Mikuru sports a very frilly, very revealing dress that displays her ample bosom to the world marvelously, including her star shaped mole. In what seems to be a case of wardrobe malfunction (or bad fashion sense?), she also wears 1 knee sock that has the same design as Haruhi’s. Her tambourine is very detailed, which I guess is Max Fact. spending the money not used to make guitar strings. Facial expression is… happy? They should have made her distressed, since that’s how most people remember her.

Overall, the gekisou series is your usual Max Fact. offering. Clean, sharp casting, awesome paint job, and a price tag to match. I do however hope these are the last Haruhi figures we’ll see from MF (besides adult Mikuru, which I’m NOT getting). Max Watanabe san, you’ve milked Haruhi dry, can you please make some K-On! figures now?

p.s. why no group shot? I took one, it turned out really aweful, and I shift deleted the monstosity. Believe me, I’m doing you a favor.

Atelier Sai Felli sempai

I started my figure collection with At Sai’s bunny girl Haruhi, and followed that up with their Battle Waitress Mikuru. These 2 were fairly decent PVCs, but Mikuru suffered from a terrible base – she had the tendency to lean and pull herself out of it.

After those 2 figures, I’ve refrained from getting At Sai figures. However, At Sai’s recently announced Felli sempai grabbed my attention. Would I be getting this? A look at the photos:

Chrome Shelled Regios is a series that has fairly unique art. Unfortunately for At Sai, they seem to have failed at capturing this. The face sculpt does not look like Felli sempai at all! The uniform looks fairly well done, and the badge on the prototype is highly detailed, but that face is too big a turn off for me. Skipping this one.

Other details:

  • 1/8 scale
  • ¥7350
  • 150mm tall
  • set for a August release

Medicom Rei and Asuka

When I was very young, I used to watch ‘anime’ on terrestrial TV – stuff like Robotech and Voltron that were Americanized. You couldn’t get original Japanese anime due to the lack of subs or dubs, but not knowing there was better, a generation of Malaysian kids grew up placated by these diluted versions.

In my first year in form 6, a friend introduced me to an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. I saw the entire series over the weekend, and when I finished it, I was in awe at all that could be done with animation (and very confused about the ending, but meh). I became a huge fan of the series, getting everything from Bandai’s plamo Evangelion kit to posters to my very first figure – Ayanami Rei in a plugsuit.


I have this as a huge scroll-type poster, still hanging on the wall in my room at my parents


my first ever plamo, which I got from Singapore. HS page here

Fast forward to the present. Modern figure technology has allowed for some very amazing figures of the Evangelion girls – Rei in particular is a popular subject. Even so, I’ve not a single Rei or Asuka in my collection. You could say I was waiting for something special. Well, that’s set to change now.

Strictly speaking, Medicom‘s RAH Rei and Asuka aren’t figures, they’re more like action figures. Rei is set for a September release and I’ve booked her. Asuka was announce a few days ago, and will be released in November.





You can get more pictures of them (Rei, Asuka) on Amiami.

It should be noted that these 2 aren’t Medicom’s first attempts at plugsuited Evangelion girls. They released both versions in 2006, and you can see them here (Rei, Asuka). Now not everyone will agree (*cough owners of the old versions cough*), but the 2.0s are vastly improved in almost every aspect. Better face sculpt, much better hair sculpt, and a one-piece plugsuit. No more ugly looking shoulder pads. The body itself is more proportionate as well. Its a good thing I never did fork out that crazy scalper price for both Rei and Asuka last year.

Can’t wait for November to come by. Its been almost 10 years, but I’ll finally have figures of Rei and Asuka. In the mean time, here’s 2 of my favourite Evangelion drawings to keep things going:



Also check out this Evangelion Prototype entry plug. Actually has 2 sets of LEDs – white for normal display and red for when you want to display it in ‘battery’ mode. TFM members suggest I buy this and cosplay as Eva unit 00, with the plug up my anus. Funny bunch of weirdos them.

Kotobukiya Sanya

Haruji posted this on TFM for me.


Kotobukiya’s Sanya v. Litvyak

Only a silhouette shown, so there’s not much to say about it. With her legs spread like so, chances are her pantsu will be in full view. Not unexpected for a figure from Strike Pantsu.

I have concerns about the manufacturer being Kotobukiya though. I personally think Kotobukiya figures are not as good as those of the big three (Max Fact., GSC and Alter), and so far, not a single Kotobukiya has even tempted me, with the exception of that Ayanami Rei perched on EVA-00.

Chances are high I will get her since I don’t want to miss out, but… urgh Kotobukiya.

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