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No, I’m not dead

I’m just lazy.

I should have written about GSC’s Moka when she arrived 2 weeks ago but I haven’t.

I should have written about this season’s new animes, but doing episode reviews really suck, especially the way I do it, with screen caps etc. I have to go back and fast forward through and entire episode multiple times to get the caps I want.

I should also write about my new SyncMaster 2494HS, but meh.

I WILL write about GACC, which is next week. Despite the H1N1 scare, me and the TFMers are still going. Live hard die young.

Lets hope I start updating again eh?


Whoops I did it again…

neglected my blog, got lost in my work, ooo baby baby…

But enough of that. K-On! ended and I’ll be posting my review of the final few episodes soon. Basquash! 13 aired which was easily one of the best episodes this season, so I’ll post some thoughts on that as well.

Maybe a post season look at most of the animes I watched, if I have the heart to do so.

A big FINALLY for Medicom’s Shikinami Asuka Langley, which is now available for preorder. After 2 months of checking daily for preorders, sheesh. The things I do for love.

Finally, DAICON is this month (in a fortnight’s time actually), and I’ll be there with the TFM people.

Oh my poor neglected blog…

Lets see. I got sick, and then after I got better work piled up, and I got a bit burnt out from all that writing. I have screenshots and magazine scans saved, all waiting the appropriate article to accompany it, but I think some of the ‘news’ is stale now. Like that scan of Kotobukiya’s upcoming Sanya…

In that time, 3 episodes of K-On! screened, including the slightly disappointing pantsu-less episode. What it was supposed to be:

mio manga pantsu


What KyoAni did with it:


fucking rice bowl

Yes yes, its just pantsu, fanservice, why bother crying over it right? WRONG! You let one company get away with this, and in a few years time anime will be deprived of pantsu completely! Imagine the Strike Witches with pants or skirts on! Heresy!

Speaking of KyoAni, there’s a new episode of Haruhi out. Oh my my my, aren’t we long time fans happy? I haven’t seen the episode yet, but TFM’s Sichiri claims its awesome. I have, however, read all the ligh novel translations over at baka-tsuki, so I have a general idea which arc we’re going to see animated.

My main concern with Haruhi is how long its taken for the next light novel to come out. I think its been at least 2 years since volume 9 was published? Volume 10 is long over due, and the wait is frustrating because of how volume 9 ended (zeng zeng zeng zeng Cliffhanger!). I neglect my blog for 2 weeks, and I feel bad about it. Tanigawa sensei! I hope you feel terrible about leaving the masses of raving, fanatical Haruhi fans hanging for so long!

In other news, Haruhism was found to be alive and well despite the best attempts by Artefact of Sankaku Complex to declare it dead. Long live Haruhism!


hail Haruhi!

Anyway, TFM exhibitors will be meeting up this weekend at our top secret hideout for a pre-DaiCon meeting. The exhibit may suffer slightly from the absense of nendroid master Haruji, but do look forward to plenty of new scaled figures since our last exhibit at CF2008!


Stuff from previous season: Regios, Shouja Erin, Kurokami (?)

Stiff from current season: K-On!, FMA, Vakyria Chronicles, Sengoku Basara, Phantom, Queen’s Blade, Hayate no Gotoku, Pandora Hearts, Tears to Tiara, Saki, Asura Cryin, Shangri-La, Shin Mazinger, Polyphonica, Tayutama, Eden of the East, Hatsukoi Limited.

I’m hoping that some of these shows turn out to be really crappy. Otherwise I’m quitting my job and watching anime til next season.


Dear God, when was the last update?

I had a busy week dealing with relatives from London (including my very beautiful cousin, Dionne. I hope that arm is better!), and then my mom was in town. After that, Streamyx started acting up and WordPress just refused to load. In the end I gave up on any updates.

So in the last fortnight, Asu no Yoichi has ended. I think they rushed the last 3 episodes of this show a bit too much. Abrupt scene changes, plot gaps etc really spoiled what would have been an amazing anime series. An extra episode dedicated to the final arc would have been perfect.

Regios had a really nice, Felli-centric, fan service episode. Felli-sempai’s foot should be reclassified as a weapon of mass destruction. We also get a hint of Felli’s jealousy in episode 12.


Layfon gets dragged away?


Felli kick!

By the way, if you don’t yet know, Ayako has released HQ versions of Regios. They look much much better than the LQ release that we’ve been getting.

The last bit of news from the past two weeks: I’ve completed my 1/72 VF-25 collection with Michel and Luca’s unit. Michel’s sniper rifle is pretty cool, but nothing compares to displaying Luca in flight on the SMS stand with three Ghost units as wingmen. Seriously cool.

Dragonball: Evolution…

…sucked. Damn Wik for telling me I could laugh non-stop from start til finish, because that was my sole reason for watching it.

Instead I sat thru 90 minutes of cringe-worthy dialogue. Even Chow Yun Fatt was lame. I’m surprised my brain didn’t turn into mush watching the show. And oh the ending… OMG hinting at a sequel? OMG!

Bee-ing friendly

I’ve never been stung by a bee in all my 26 years.

On Thursday, while heading to the lab, a bee landed on my left forearm. At first I thought it was a fly, but when I realized what it really was I froze in my tracks, and held my forearm straight out, stiff as a plank.

Jesus Christ… a bee happily going up and down and round and round my arm. In that single moment my entire life flashed by right before my eyes…

OK, not. But I did curse myself for not heeding my mom’s advice: Guys shouldn’t smell like flowers. Time to change shampoos.

God knows how long I stood there, but the bee decided I wasn’t a bouquet and took off. I ran away the moment I felt it was safe. 26 years and counting, bees! Hah!

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